Options In Surgery

Option To Enhance Body Look Through Aesthetic Procedures

Aesthetic surgery is used to modify or enhance an unwanted element or to correct changes that have occurred due to aging. This type of surgery may develop self-confidence by altering a patient's awareness of how he or she looks. It will not essentially create drastic life changes. Aesthetic surgery may not be the perfect option for every person looking for personal development. Aesthetic surgery offers an option to the visible penalty of aging or to certain undesirable facial or body features. The best candidates for aesthetic, or cosmetic, surgery are individuals who request improvement, not perfection, in the way they look. Our team of Aesthetic surgeons has met strict criteria to become skilled in their areas of expertise. Each surgeon is trained in general surgery with extra qualifications in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Our aesthetic surgeons have completed special partnership training to enhance specific areas of their practice. Our surgeons also specialize in reconstructive surgery for people who suffer from compromising physical traumas and birth defects. Our surgeons specialize in hand-function restoration, genitourinary system reconstruction, reconstructive problems requiring the newest techniques of microsurgery, free tissue transfer or musculocutaneous flaps, and post-mastectomy breast reconstruction. Our cosmetic surgeon also works with the cleft appreciation team and performs a variety of pediatric plastic surgery procedures, treating congenital defects, hemangiomas, and other birth deformities. Our surgeons offer the latest advances in the area of aesthetic surgery and patients who undergo this surgery can get excellent outcomes.

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