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Techniques And The Important Principles Of Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has been recommended by the surgeons and it had reconstructed your body shape by transferring a flap of tissues in the body. It is a modern field, stimulated by the challenging reconstructive problems of the unfortunate victims. With current surgical techniques we are able to restore not only function but also offer aesthetic improvement in children born with congenital anomalies. The advent of the operating microscope has thrust the plastic surgeon of today into the forefront of advances in small vessel and nerve repair, culminating in the successful replantation of removed parts as small as distal fingers. Further, these techniques have been utilized to perform the first composite tissue transplantations of both hands and partial faces. The surgery is broad and varied and it covers the many areas of involvement and our plastic surgeons are getting trained.Plastic surgery is to mold and reshape, plastic surgery is a specialty which adapts surgical principles and thought processes to the unique needs of each individual patient by remolding, reshaping and manipulating bone, cartilage and all soft tissues.

It is not concerned with a given organ system, region of the body, or age group, it is best described as a specialty devoted to the solution of difficult wound healing and surgical problems, having as its ultimate goal the restoration or creation of the best function, form and structure of the body with a superior aesthetic appearance ultimately enhancing a patients quality of life.

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